Inspiring or what?

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Whats New?

There was mom given me a draft letter to encode. Without hesitation I encoded it quickly without any notice what is the body/content of it. Heading and names are deleted.

This is what I encoded:

Peace be with us all! Please allow me to share this with you. Life is a mysterious word. Our level of perception about it is the ultimate level of understanding God allowed us. There is no perfect definition of life coz the real meaning of life is discovered based on our day to day experience. Your wedding day is one of the most memorable life experience you could treasure. It should not be spoiled or stained. The kind of life you aspires relies greatly on you hands. It should be started right away on your “wedding day”.
I wish then to enlighten you by saying that marriage is a very delicate and precious relation which you should never dare break because breaking something precious and delicate is sometimes impossible to fix. Wherever you go, whatever you do please always bear in mind the “seventh commandment” that expresses a law of life. It is a principle that is written on our hearts and mind. It is based in the way we are made by God. We cannot break it, without damaging something deep inside. There is a passage in the Bible which we have to study with respect. The passage say: “The Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man; and he slept. The Lord took one of his bones and closed up the body at that place. The Lord God made a woman out of the bone he had taken from the body of the man. Then He brought her to the man” (Genesis 2:21, 22).
The man saw the beautiful woman walking towards him. He said “This is one like me. She has bones taken from my bones. And her body is from my body” (Genesis 2:23) “Because of this, a man will leave his father and mother to be with his wife. And the two will become like one body.” (Genesis 2:24).
Because a woman comes from the bone of man it is the reason why a man feels a powerful sense of identification to a woman. It is the reason for a strong emotion a man and a woman feel to each other. It is the reason why it is wonderful and natural for man to hold a woman in her arms. It is the reason why a man shared with a woman the joy and strong pleasure that God planned for them to feel when they would join again. It is also part of Gods plan to use sexual union to be a powerful cause of identification and uniting. Sex is a “soul glue” so should be done only according to Gods will and purpose. Jesus says: “The purpose of sex is to make the union of two lives strong and permanent. It is heavens way of gluing together the two hearts. They cannot be separated without causing serious damage to both.
It is my sincerest wish and hope that “sana” all efforts, time, and money spent to make this wedding ceremonies a success would not center on pleasing the crowd so as to let them admire and appreciate the beautiful set ups made prior to the ceremonies but rather center on giving an opportunity for you “newly wed couple” to receive the blessings of the Almighty God allowing Him to enter your hearts and minds so as to let you understand the real meaning of marriage.
God is the secret of happy married life. It is only God who could offer a perfect understanding of it but you have to ask and hope for it from time to time.
Congratulations and best wishes!
For me, you have more than everything I can afford to give so this simple enlightenment is the best “GIFT” I could offer you both.
Good day and God bless!!

Inspiring or what?


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